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“Featured Plays Summary & Casting”



Aranya Mukherjee – a self-less doctor at madhabpur town-hospital is an honest and out spoken person with iron-determination. Patient and only patient are his meditation and cognition . A raped young woman Tapasi is sheltered by this doctor after her treatment . Prasanta Dutta a powerfull man with opposite characteristics. He open a diagnostic center and try to convince Dr. Mukherjee to join with him . Naturaly disappointed , he wants to spread a scandal . The fearless doctor make Tapasi his legal daughter and Insurgency against this all illegal system – start a protest .


Aranya Mukherjee – Sanjib Sarkar
Tapasi – Srota Mukherjee
Mrinmay – Abhik Chakraborty
Prasanta Dutta – Partha Kahali
Gokul Babu – Abhijit Kr. Ghose
Crowd – Sanjay Chakraborty , Gourisankar Chakraborty , Dolon Maity
Light – Sandip Mukherjee , Apurba Lal Dixit
Set – Binod Manna
Music – Pamela Simons
Makeup & Dress – Pamela Simons & Srota Mukherjee
Direction – Sanjib Sarkar

Telescope : Summary –

A father dream follows his daughter to by a telescope . as father as she was a space lover . But what’s the use of such a dream an ordinary person – girl like her ? she has to walk on the fixed way made by the society . her love vanished by the pressure of family- life . Yet the dream was a sleeping-wish to put her dream into her womb-baby . This time also she has to face the inhuman society – who wants to stop the birth of the future. Now what can she do ? her Question – fear hope – all these are the matter of this story.

Telescope : Casting –

Pamela Simons
Light – Apurba Lal Dixit
Set – Apurba Lal Dixit
Music – Avik Chakraborty
Makeup & Dress – Pamela Simons & Srota Mukherjee
Direction – Sanjib Sarkar

Las Kata Ghare : Summary –

From the far away they can hear the sound of their own well – to – do as well as the decayed family and break themselves in this drama . In the opening scene – Dhanapati Singha Lying in land lord style and order his daughter for a tea . Though both Daughter and mother are busy in their work making tea is a disturbance – yet tea is ready to serve . In this moment an N.G.O surveyor enters to survey. The answer of the Questions by the surveyor – comes alternately from Dhanapati Babu daughter , son and wife Namita Devi . From their answer the total picture becomes clear.

Las Kata Ghare : Casting –

Dhanapati Singha – Sanjib Sarkar
Namita Devi -Pamela Simons
Dipanwita – Srota Mukherjee
Dipankar -Apurba Lal Dixit
Soumen Roy -Avik Chakraborty
Light – Sandip Mukherjee
Set -Upal Pahari , Apurbalal Dixit
Music -Sanjay Chakraborty & Gourisankar Chakraborty
Makeup & Dress – Pamela Simons & Srota Mukherjee
Direction – Sanjib Sarkar

Dui Hajurer Gappo : Summary –

THE STORY OF TWO MASTERS Mikhail Saltikav Schedrin was one of the greatest Russi writer who adopted satire most effectively in the field of literatuFe. He was one of the favourite writer of Lenin. The drama The Story of Two Masters’ has been adopted from of his compositions entitled ‘Tales’. The two masters, a retired Politician and a retired Police Officer while listening to a Hawker, suddenly reached an unknown island named `Titinnou’. In that serene buoyant holyland they came in contact with the simple folk and discovered that abstinence from work is a crime and that every one has equal share in the golden harvest of the earth. How the two masters could acquiesce in a situation of this nature? So they adopted a strategy. Specially youth of that holyland beaming with life and vigour, who worked hard on land, were allured to temptation. How this triggered off an intriguing episode and what ends the two masters met when the ‘Wise man’ of the island stepped in? What do they unfold for our modern society?

Kanyadan : Summary –

As the title suggest, “Kanyadan” deals with the theme of marriage. The problem and the consequences of the marriage Vijay Tendulkar shows is self-created. Nath Devlalikar is an MLA and his wife Seva is a social worker. Jayprakash is an M. Sc. student and Jyoti is an intelligent girl. This Brahmin family belongs to the upper-class. The play is divided into two acts. In the first scene of the first act, Jyoti informs her parents her decision to marry Arun Athavle, a Dalit youth. Seva is shocked to know it but Nath is relaxed and happy inside because he wants to remove the class-system which is his dream. He consents Jyoti to get married with Arun, whom she knew for the last two months! Nath wants to experiment with this marriage, which is a sort of political act. In the second scene of the act one, Jyoti brings Arun, who is dark Dalit youth doing his B. A. Jyoti is very much interested in his poetry and his autobiography. Arun feels uncomfortable in “big houses” and gets nervous and finally leaves home. What Jayaprakash and Seva most is Arun’s intention to brew liquor in order to survive, if not anything remain. In the first scene of the second act, Jyoti arrives perplexed and looking unhappy. Then Arun follows, rather drunk. He asks for Jyoti’s forgiveness as he had beaten her. Jyoti leaves with him again.


Purbojanmer Bhai

Written by Tirthankar Chandra
Directed by Sanjeev Sarkar
Starring-Avik Chakraborty, Apurba Lal Dixit, Sushant Abh Nagen Dutt
Climate control is media
Lighting Control Sameer Burman.
Produced by Anandan Dey, Sanjeev Sarkar, Pamela Simons, Shelley Pal.
Lighting Design – Apurba Lal Dixit
Stage – Abhijit Boundule
Atmosphere -Nagen Dutta
Climate Control -Riti Midya
Lighting Control – Sameer Burman.
Production pleasure.